Quality and Project Management

BizEx provide short and long term Quality and Project Management services
Quality Management

We can perform interim management to help you through difficult periods and can provide outsourced quality management should you need a long term solution. Whether coverage needs to be full time for a short period, or part time over a longer period, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We also have the required experience to act as the nominated Quality Manager in order to meet EASA regulatory requirements


Alternatively, you may already employ an individual that has potential to fill a Quality or Continuous Improvement role, but who needs coaching to ease them into position, or you may need help recruiting. As part of our Organisational Development service, we are more than happy to provide coaching, mentoring and recruitment services

Project Management

If required by the level of complexity and difficulty of any of the BizEx services, Project Management techniques will be utilised to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of the service

We can also use our Project Management skills should you be thinking of a major transition or business transformation, for example product transfers, or laying out your facility and restructuring your organisation for a Lean deployment

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