Continuous Improvement

We have a great deal of experience facilitating and leading continuous improvement activities

These have ranged from low level discrete process improvements (Kaizen), and 8D problem solving, to business wide Lean transformation using a formal project management approach


Continuous Improvement Tools include;

• Lean: 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Pull and Flow Systems, Set-Up Reduction, TPM, Kaizen

• Six Sigma variation reduction: Measurement Systems Analysis, Analysis of Variance, Design of Experiments

• Advance Product Quality Planning: FMEA, Special Characteristics, Control Plans, Control Charts, Process Capability assessment

• Structured Problem Solving using techniques such as A3 or 8D, Root Cause analysis using 3×5 why’s or Ishikawa / Cause and Effect Diagrams

• Business Process Improvement, apply continuous improvement tools to your office processes

• Quality or Business Operating System: Measure operational performance of your business and drive improvement activities through regular layered reviews

We are happy to provide services at every level, whether you need a technical product related problem to be solved, or you want to implement a sustainable continuous improvement program driven by business performance indicators

Mixed results from Lean and TQM implementations and projects are well documented. In most cases of failure, the diagnosis points to inadequate senior leadership engagement, and little use of change management techniques. For business level improvement activity, we would expect engagement and involvement of senior leaders as appropriate. We also advocate using change management techniques where employee resistance to change is likely. It is better to maintain the trust of your employees and get it right first time

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